Thursday, February 7, 2008


How many times has it been, that I've heard " you seem to nice to be a metal head" or "Trance is the music they play at doped rave parties" , or the fact that being alternative is being alien.
Quite a few times actually.
The sad part of it all is when people listening to Symphonic Black metal are dismissed as Baby raping, Satan worshipping freaks, while those swearing by hip-hop, which is normally associated with drug abuse,gang- violence, materialism is perfectly normal. Electronic music producers,and followers are accepted to be rave party going freaks, and Classical music listeners as plain boring and goth rock lovers as depressed and suicidal.
Its only the musically educated sect , that understands the technicalities involved in every composition,that can truly accept music for what it is, irrespective of all Genres and Sub- Genres.
The sad thing is , this sect is very small, and dwindling.
So very unlike that sect, i have decided to give up educating people and getting them to accept music. Its easier to believe the world is going to end on the 22 of December 2008.


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  2. So true man. So fucking true.

  3. ujuwal, u are such a gem!