Thursday, December 31, 2009

New year? New resolutions?

s been almost a year since i started this and posted on this blog. Optimism was at its peak then.....but right now, here i am again,another 31st, another year gone...another list of resolutions of which none i will keep...or maybe not...

I realize that its been more than a year since I declared my love to that girl. A year later,I ask myself, What if things were different? What if I chose differently and took the pains to see her this time again? Would she have done the same?More than sadness, its outrage thats running through my veins. Why? Because I'm disgusted by people who say they care when they don't show it.

I realize that its going to be almost a year since my boards that went crap.Would it be any different if i chose to revise instead of watch movies and drink vodka the days before my exams?

Exactly on this day, a year back, I was sitting in the same room,doing the same thing i am right now. Writing. Except this time i'm posting online. Why? I don't know.

I don't find anything wrong with staying at home on such a night. I prefer being alone anyway. I rather be at home, fix myself something nice, wish people on the phone( the ones who call anyway) than be out there getting drunk and mindfucked like the rest of the world.

Soo many questions.........with answers that i will never know.... Bye Bye 2009, you were a pain in the ass. Fuck you.

With a not so small, scotch and soda in my hand,and the last smoke of the year, i bid farwell to thee,2009, one of the worst years i've had and raise a toast and hope for better days that shall come my way !

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A day 48 hours long.

You know i always wondered why 'Riyaaz' early in the morning was so important for Indian classical music. I mean, hey its just practice right? you can do that whenever right? wrong.

Unlike the standard 'stuff' that i know, Indian classical seems to be from another dimension. Indian classical is based on the 'raaga'. Unlike western music , it is not a scale, or a chord, or a triad. Theres no definition of a Raaga. Damn. Not only does one have to learn the notes of the many hundereds or Raagas , The Indian musician has to also improvise using those very notes.

I tried playing a raaga called 'Jhinjhoti'. Guess where i learnt that from> A song called Afterglow by a band called INXS. Yes. Apparently Sona(the indian singer, remember Bolo na? ) collaborated with JD Fortune( the Indian version of Afterglow is on youtube, posted below) And in her interview she said that on first hearing the song , she thought it sounded like 'Jhinjhoti'/. Now for an illiterate person like me, All Indian classical sounds the same.(NOT BORING).

I thought sweep picking my arpeggios on the guitar was Killing. After Trying Indian Classical, I'm being murdered.