Saturday, November 22, 2008

~Gods of Metal~

I'm just plain weird.( haha like you didn't know =P )
Especially when it comes to genres of music.
Last night i was all totally lost in Indian Ocean's "Kandisa"( A band that my friends didn't no existed until the track "Bandeh" came about), Heck, I even added Rahul Ram on facebook(he hasn't accepted the request as of now >:( )

And today I got up with Coldplay's "Viva La Vida" playing very loudly in my head(weird, cause i haven't heard that song since.........uhm well..... last week)
And now--------------- IRON MAIDEN. There is just something about them that is hellishly heaven like. I heard my first Maiden song at the age of 10... i think. This was the year 2002. The song was "The wicker man" . And I've been listening to them since.

I just wish i tried to play their songs at that time......even if it was on a run down , low end acoustic guitar.And now 4 years after the 'initiation' into Electric Guitars, power chords and licks incorporating a lot of "wah-wah" and beer :D , i still can't play their solos :'(
well..their complete solos to be specific.

And you know what happens to me when i listen to to much of Iron Maiden??? I get into the "I haven't seen them live" sulk mode. *sigh*
I can't forgive myself for not running to Bangalore 2 years back for their "A matter of life and death" tour. I missed their gig in Mumbai a year later.And now thanks to the education system again, I will miss them playing their final gig for their "Somewhere Back In Time" tour again. (ITS ALWAYS THE FUCKING SYSTEM I TELL YOU!!!!!!!!) Education in this land is counter-productive...something that I'd love to tell you about.

Contrary to popular belief, I AM the sort of fan who would start crying at their concert. And I'm actually proud to admit it :S

There is something magical about them. its their compositions, and their tone that is so.........unique. You know from the clangy galloping bass lines , that its Steve Harris playing with his ROTO SOUND flat wound strings. You know from the energy of the vocals that its Bruce. And don't get me started on Smith 's and Ger's Guitars and Nicko's Drums :)

Now all i need is a decent amount of cash, and a plan to sneak out to Bangalore a month before my .........shh......."BOARD EXAMS". however , my friends worry that I'll kill myself for missing them live ---Unlike the others who kill themselves for not getting above 90.And you know the scary part? I feel my friends concern is justified :

Now playing : My downloaded Iron Maiden collection. Except the Album - "A matter of life and death", which i bought two days after it hit the stores and prize as much as my Issues of The Rolling Stone magazine (which i put back into their plastic seals after I've read a part of them).

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  1. just came across ur blog while surfing...
    it's sad u'll miss on the concert AGAIN this year, cos even though i thought i had outgrown maiden, i had a helluva time last year...check it out...
    man, am i glad i'm out of high school!!!