Sunday, December 7, 2008

Regret, Remorse, and their other friends.

There have been times when i have regreted dropping the guitar at the age of nine and concentrating only on the Tabla. But its never been so strong. I always thought through time aided talent alone would i become more skille. I made a critical error.

I know this guy whos my age in music class, who doesn't know a shit's worth when it comes to musical instruments, processors. His range of music is strictly limited. Yet skill wise he is far up the mountain that i've just started climbing.

I blame myself actually. I am the one not trying hard enough. I guess I was too busy learning and making my own riffs(that i didn't write down, cause i didn't know how to then sadly ) while the rest were learning that Metallica song or that Megadeth solo. If only i was doing that would my skill be something to be proud about i guess........

So now i've started doing something i hate myself for--- Looking for Tabs on the internet instead of figuring them out myself and working on songs that i will hopefully cover in the new future.

They say that you should play the guitar until your fingers bleed. I don't know if that actually happens, but God help you if you try and stop me from finding out.


  1. Look,
    no one's stopping you man. You can still figure the tabs out and NOT use the internet. You can.

    And ahahaha. I was too busy learning and making my own riffs(that i didn't right down, cause i didn't know how to then)
    It's WRITE. Not right. Hahahaha.
    Okay, never mind.

    And yeah. About the other guy's skill.
    When it comes to music, my friend. It's only YOUR skill that matters. and it's all about what YOU want to do, and how YOU want to do it.
    Other guys... [ Meaning, people you don't look up to, or don't give a shit about ] shouldn't matter.

  2. I second Disguise.

    And yea, the whole finding tabs from internet shit.. yeah, that one sucks. Real bad.
    I think so too Ujjwal, you really can figure it out. Without the stupid internet.
    You can do it so much better man.
    The real stuff can NEVER be found in shalow stuff like Internet wch only mechanically makes you. It can never nurture your talent.
    Trust me on that one.
    Do it yourself.
    You'll figure it out. It might take a while.
    But you will.
    I'm so sure.